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Gear List

Coming from a technical background, I tend to nerd out over my gear. Want to hear me talk for an hour? Ask me to tell you why I love my cameras! 

General overview: I'm a Sony guy through and through. Sony pioneered mirrorless cameras (there's no mirror in front of the sensor, so you see all adjustments in real-time, no need for test shots!). Sony also does this beautiful thing where all their lenses take the same mount. When I started into professional photography I was told "date your bodies, marry your lenses", so having one mounting system ensures any future lens or body I buy will work with no converter! 
'Nuff bout Sony, I'm a fanboy could literally go on all day. 

Lenses - primes, 85 and 35 duo for the win. Prime lenses (ones that don't zoom) tend to not only be crisper, but faster (go down to a wider f stop, so they let more light in). I primarily shoot with a 35 and an 85, I can shoot 90% of a wedding with just those two lenses. Beyond that the next lens I use the most is my 90mm macro, this is the lens that can capture the legs on the hair of a bee, I use it for eyes and details! My two zoom, I love them and I hate them; Tamara (the Tamron) and Siggy (the Sigma). Tamara goes up to 200mm, I use it mostly when I have a ceremony space where I can't get near my couple like a church. Siggy is used when I want to go really wide, super huge families, and landscape are the jam for that lens!

Lighting is mainly done with my AD200, this is a portable strobe, a super fast recycle time, plenty strong, amazing workhorse. I also have a TT685, which is an on-camera speedlite that I also use off camera, its mate is my TT600 which I mainly use as a off camera speedlight since it lacks TTL (the ability to see what the flash will do through my LCD). For flash modifiers, I've fallen in love with umbrellas, but I do have a octabox which is mainly for studio work at this point. 

Detailed Gear List

  • Sony A7iii and A7Riii Bodies:

    • These bodies serve as the foundation of my equipment, chosen for their exceptional image quality, expansive dynamic range, and advanced autofocus capabilities.

    • It is important to note, the R series body has more megapixels HOWEVER this does not mean it's "better". In order to achieve that Sony had to sacrifice some low-light performance. This means for weddings, the R body doesn't do as well during the getting ready, or reception portions of the day. It is great for landscapes, outdoor photography, and is my go-to for macro shots!

  • Sony 85mm 1.8 Lens:

    • This lens is dedicated to producing beautiful portraits with a creamy bokeh effect, perfect for capturing the emotion and intimacy of your special day.

    • Its wide aperture of f/1.8 excels in low-light conditions, ensuring crisp and vibrant images even in challenging lighting situations.

    • The 85mm focal length is widely considered ideal for portraits, the way the lens compresses is very flattering.

  • Sony 35mm 1.4 GMaster Lens:

    • Chosen for its versatility, this lens is ideal for low-light environments and wide-angle compositions, capturing the essence of expansive scenes with stunning clarity.

    • The GMaster designation signifies top-tier optical performance, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision and brilliance.

  • Sony 90mm G Series Macro Lens:

    • Designed for capturing intricate details, this macro lens is perfect for documenting the small, intimate elements of your wedding day.

    • Its precise focusing capabilities and stunning image quality make it an essential tool for showcasing the finer aspects of your celebration.

  • Tamron 28-200 Lens:

    • Adding versatility to my gear, this all-in-one lens covers a wide range of focal lengths, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios.

    • Despite its flexibility, it maintains high image quality, ensuring that every moment is captured with the sharpness and clarity expected from professional photography.

    • Personified by the nickname Tamara

  • Sigma 17-28 Lens:

    • Chosen for its wide-angle capabilities, this lens excels in capturing expansive scenes and creative compositions.

    • Ideal for storytelling shots and environmental portraits, it adds a unique dimension to the visual narrative of your wedding day.

    • I call this one SIggy

  • Godox AD200pro Flash:

    • This powerful portable flash provides consistent and reliable lighting, ensuring well-lit shots in any environment.

    • Its versatility makes it an essential tool for creating dramatic and captivating images, adding an extra layer of creativity to your wedding photography.

  • Godox tt685s Flash:

    • Selected for its compatibility with Sony cameras, this flash is a reliable workhorse, contributing to consistent and well-exposed photographs.

    • Its TTL functionality and high-speed sync capabilities make it a valuable asset for capturing moments in various lighting conditions.

  • Godox tt600 Flash:

    • Offering a balance of power and portability, this flash is an essential tool for achieving well-lit shots during events and celebrations.

    • Its simplicity and reliability make it a go-to choice for on-the-go photography, ensuring that every moment is captured with clarity and precision.

  • DJI Mini 3 Drone:

    • Elevating the visual narrative, this drone captures unique aerial perspectives, adding a cinematic touch to your wedding photography.

    • Ideal for showcasing the grandeur of your wedding venue and its surroundings, the drone contributes to a comprehensive and breathtaking visual story.

  • Pentax ME Super Film Body:

    • Embracing the timeless art of film photography, the Pentax ME Super brings a nostalgic and authentic touch to the collection.

    • Its manual controls and film capabilities offer a traditional and artistic approach to capturing moments, complementing the digital precision of modern equipment.

  • Pentax K1000 Film Body:

    • Another film body in my collection, the Pentax K1000, emphasizes simplicity and reliability in capturing the essence of your wedding day.

    • Its manual controls and classic design pay homage to the traditional craft of film photography, adding a timeless quality to selected shots.

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