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Capturing the Essence of Your Family

Welcome to an experience that goes beyond the ordinary—a journey into capturing the authentic warmth, laughter, and unique connections within your family. As your trusted Maine family photographer, I bring a blend of genuine familiarity and expertise to craft timeless memories for your loved ones.

Relaxed Moments, Lasting Memories

My style revolves around capturing genuine, relaxed moments that reflect the authentic beauty of your family's connections. Let's transform your session into a laid-back and enjoyable experience, ensuring every photo tells a story cherished for years.

Connecting with Kids

Toddlers are essentially like Sour Patch Kids; one moment, they might surprise you with a bit of mischief, and the next, they charm you with a sweet smile. I don't impose a strict time limit on my family sessions. Whether we achieve what we need in 10 minutes or it takes an hour, or even an hour and a half, to capture the perfect shots, I prioritize the quality of the session over a fixed timeframe.


Capturing Genuine Moments

My approach is rooted in capturing the authentic moments that define your family—be it the playful laughter of children, shared glances, or the quiet, tender moments that unfold naturally. Through a combination of candid shots and carefully orchestrated poses, I strive to immortalize the unique chemistry that makes your family extraordinary.

A Dad's Eye View Through the Lens

As a dad myself, I bring a personal touch to family sessions, understanding the intricacies of your unique bond. Beyond capturing photographs, I celebrate the genuine love, laughter, and connections that make your family extraordinary. With a relaxed approach, I ensure each image reflects the warmth and dynamics that define your special moments together.


Family Packages

Capture your family's moments effortlessly with our straightforward session offerings. Sessions run approximately one hour, offering flexibility for indoor or outdoor settings. You'll receive a style guide before your session, and there's no limit to outfit changes—express your family's unique style with confidence.

All sessions have a $300 session fee. Once the gallery is delivered, clients can either order digital and printed products a la carte or purchase one of the packages below through their online gallery. Pricing of individual items is available upon request. 

How It Works: From Consultation to Delivery

We start with a conversation, discussing your vision, preferences, and any specific elements you want to incorporate into your session. Before your session, I'll send a style guide your way with suggestions to help prepare for your session. On the day of your family photo session, my focus is on creating an enjoyable atmosphere, encouraging natural interactions and capturing genuine moments. Shortly after, your curated gallery, featuring high-resolution images that encapsulate the essence of your family, will be ready for you to enjoy.

Afterward, you have the option to buy printed and digital products based on what will be most meaningful to your family!


Ready to Begin Your Family Photography Journey?

Celebrate the beauty of togetherness with a dedicated Maine family photographer. From lakeshores to forest trails, let's create timeless memories that echo the warmth of your family's connection. Contact me to schedule your consultation and step into a visual celebration of your family's unique story.

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