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Weddings Captured By Tim

Let your unique story unfold against the scenic backdrop of coastal beauty and serene lakeshores. Packages begin at $3000, providing an authentic visual narrative for your Maine wedding celebration.

Let's explore if we're the right match for your Maine wedding photography needs!


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Styled to be Timeless

Step into a world of vibrant, true-to-color photography, where every frame tells a story illuminated by the genuine beauty of your love. As a Maine wedding photographer, my passion for capturing vivid hues stems from the belief that these photos not only showcase the raw emotion of the moment but also stand the test of time. The richness of true colors brings a lifelike quality to each image, allowing you to vividly relive the joy, laughter, and warmth of your wedding day. I find profound satisfaction in freezing these vibrant slices of life, ensuring that your memories are as lively and exuberant as the love you share. Your wedding photos become cherished heirlooms, capturing the essence of your love for generations to come.


Candid Love

I cherish candids because they capture real moments that bring your celebration to life.  My profound love for candids comes from the conviction that these unscripted, raw moments authentically reflect your love story. They capture the fleeting glances, spontaneous laughter, and unfiltered emotions that make your celebration uniquely yours. I'm ready to focus on your candid moments, creating a lasting portrait of your love.


Explore our Katahdin and Sugarloaf Packages, each tailored to capture your special day with high-resolution images, a custom canvas, and an engagement session. Packages include quick online gallery delivery and drone photography. 

The listed prices below are all-inclusive, with no additional charge for travel within Southern Maine and Seacoast NH.

The Process

The process is seamless and stress-free. From our initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, I focus on ensuring every step is as enjoyable as the moments we capture. Trust in me as an adaptable Maine wedding photographer who values your vision and brings it to life.

1. Initial Consult

A discussion about your vision to ensure we're a good fit and lay the foundation for a personalized photography experience.

2. Booking

Begin your journey by securing your date, marking the official start of our collaboration. This is all done through your personal and easy to use client portal.

4. Pre-Wedding

Tailored to your preferences, our personalized communication—via calls or convenient emailed forms—ensures a stress-free and well-prepared wedding experience.

5. Wedding Day

I execute our discussed plan, ready to capture every moment and embrace spontaneous changes on your wedding day.

3. Engagement Session

The engagement session is where we meet, build trust, and capture your love, providing a chance to experience my photography style firsthand.

6. Post Wedding

Celebrate the swift delivery of your gallery within 1 to 2 months, while reliving the joy and beauty of your wedding day.


What People Are Saying

Mikayla & Logan

“We loved him!! He was so kind and nice and did an amazing job! He even helped fix my wedding hair! We would highly recommend to anyone! He helped with anything he could and we were so appreciative!"

Cody & Delanie

"We had the pleasure of working with Tim for our engagement and wedding photos and we couldn’t be happier to have found him. He was truly great to work with, very personable, and very easy to get along with. The pictures he took for us came out beyond amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get photos done."

Corinne & David

“Tim was absolutely fantastic. We were really in a bind when our first photographer had a family emergency and Tim was able to step in and did an absolutely amazing job capturing our wedding day. I cannot express enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with him and how professional he was before, during, and after the event.”
Q: Why do you include a canvas?
A: The canvas isn't just a print; it's a work of art that showcases a pivotal moment from your day. It serves as a tangible testament to the emotion and beauty encapsulated in that frame. Perfect to be displayed prominently in your home to forever remember your wedding.
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