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Amazing Out of The Box Wedding Vendors

Updated: Feb 22

When planning a wedding everyone thinks of the basics; food, DJ, and photography. However, there are a few vendors out there who can really add something extra to your big day!

Live Ceremony Music

Adding live music to your ceremony adds an extra note to the atmosphere of your ceremony. The extra ambiance is unpresidented!

maine wedding photographer - musicians

I highly recomend Ben Lyons for live music on your big day. Ben is a solo guitarist with an absolutely amazing singing voice.

I also recomend checking out 2 For Jackson. They're a Maine Based country dou like you've never heard!

Botanical and Herbal Cocktails

This is something 100% worth checking out. Anyone can make a vodka soda, vodka redbull or a rum and coke (the name is the recipe lol) BUT if you want truly stunning drinks that aren't Truly, check out getting a truly professional mixologist to be at your wedding and design a drink just for you!

I can't recomend Remedy Cocktail Company enough. They are true artists in what they do with an amazing mission and extremely personable personalities. They also specialize in zero proof weddings!

Ice Cream Bar

I mean who doesn't love ice cream. Getting a little extra desert brought in especially on hot summer days at the end of the wedding makes everyone smile!

Sweet B's uses local ice cream served out of bicycle ice cream carts! I just love it's a local business supporting another local business. Bridget is super sweet as well and is bound to bring a smile to your guest's faces. (She's also an event planner and coordinator)

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