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  • Timothy Morris

Live Musician Recommendations

Updated: Feb 22

Live music can add a major element to any event! I highly recommend seeing a live artist in person before booking. My recommendations play plenty of public events that do a great job of representing what they'll bring to your big day!

maine wedding photographer - musician

Ben Lyons

Ben is an amazing solo artist, with a wide breadth of work and a voice to make anything amazing, you can't go wrong with Ben. Ben is also now offering DJ and MC services!

2 for Jackson

I've never heard anyone do a tribute to Johny Cash like Cameron. His wife and partner Melanie is also an amazing singer in her own right. The two of them together...POWERFUL.

Danielle Renzi

Arguably one of the greatest accordionists of our time. She's an amazing artist in her own right and really has a brilliant style. If you need a ceremony or cocktail hour musician STRONGLY consider Danielle!

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