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Sample Wedding Timeline

Updated: Feb 22

maine wedding photographer - wedding cake

Below is a sample timeline for a typical wedding day that has been optimized for photography and videography.

8:00am Hair + Makeup Artist to Arrive on-site

10:00am Florist to Arrive

11:00am Photographer to Arrive

(If opting for bridal boudoir, start bridal hair and makeup as the photographer arrives, so we can jump into bridal boudoir immediately after)

12:30pm Grooms getting ready shot

1:00pm Groom Dressed

1:00pm Bridal getting ready shots

2:00pm Bride in her dress

2:15pm First Look

2:30pm Wedding party photos, a few couple pictures

3:30pm Guests to begin arriving Parents of the bride and groom welcome guests

3:45pm Guests begin taking seats

3:55pm Groomsmen to line up

4:00pm Ceremony Begins (intentionally starting 2.5 hours before sunset)

4:30pm Cocktail Hour/Family and remaining group pictures (a couple more couple pictures, 2 hours before sunset)

4:50pm MC to announce entry into reception space

4:00pm Wedding Party Introductions

4:10pm First Dance

4:15pm Parent Dances - Father/Daughter followed by


4:25pm Speeches

5:00pm Dinner begins

5:30pm Shoe Game

5:40pm garter toss, bouquet toss

6:00pm Dancing/Sunset couple photos (1 hour before sunset)

6:20pm Couple joins/brings guests to the dancefloor

7:00pm Photographer Service to Conclude

10:00pm Music to Conclude/Last Call

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