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Who to Tip at Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 14

maine wedding photographer - reception

Tipping on your wedding day can be a stressful thing, who to tip, how to tip, when to tip; it's a lot! These are just my opinions based off what I've seen, ultimately if you're comfortable enough with your vendors feel free to ask them what is typical for their services. People Who Expect Tips

Hair and Makeup - 15-25% - as soon as they're finished with the last client

Catering and Wait Staff - 20% - any point in the evening, if you hire a caterer with multiple wait staff some couples like to give an envelope to each individual person, if you're going to do this ask their names ahead of time Bar - 20% - at the end of the night when closing out the tab

Optional to Tip

Event Planner/Coordinator - $50-$200 or 15% - when your last payment is due or beginning of the event

Event Musicians - $20-$50 per or 15% - with final payment or after their last set

DJ - $50 or 10% - after their last set Photographer/Videographer - $50-$100 or 10% - at the end of their service after they check out with you

Reviews Instead of Tips

IF you elect not to tip anyone in the optional category but you're pleased with their service, leave a nice review on Google and Facebook. Copying and pasting your review between the two locations is the nicest thing you can do and is often more valuable than a tip.

Hope this helps!

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