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  • Timothy Morris

Why I Love Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has always held a special place in my heart. The tradition of celebrating love has been a constant source of excitement for me, driven by my inherently sappy romantic nature. Over the years, this holiday has taken on different forms, and now, as a Maine Wedding Photographer, it continues to evolve, bringing a new perspective to my appreciation for love.

I can't emphasize enough how much I love love. Whether reveling in my own experiences of being in love, capturing the love stories of others, or engaging in discussions about all things romance, I find myself deeply addicted to the enchanting emotions associated with love. This profound connection with love was a significant motivator for me to venture into wedding photography. In a world often marred by tragedy and heartache, any opportunity to celebrate beautiful emotions like love and happiness should be seized, whether it's on Valentine's Day or at a wedding – I'm here for it!

Here's a fun fact: my wife is the only person I've ever spent Valentine's Day with! Before her, I had never been in a relationship during the holiday, making this tradition particularly special for us. Every year, as we celebrate it together, it serves as a heartwarming reminder amid Maine's dark and cold winters that there is still warmth and love in the world.

Before stepping into the world of wedding and engagement photography, I used to assist at a florist shop. Valentine's Day was always a highlight for me. Spending nearly the entire day on the road delivering flowers – arguably the best job ever (second only to being a photographer) – was a joyous experience. After all, who can resist the infectious happiness that comes with receiving a bouquet of flowers?

In conclusion, Valentine's Day remains a cherished tradition that has evolved with me over the years. As a Maine Wedding Photographer, my journey has added a new dimension to my appreciation for love, allowing me to capture and celebrate the beautiful emotions that bind couples together. My love for love extends beyond personal experiences, finding fulfillment in witnessing and preserving the romantic tales of others.

The uniqueness of celebrating Valentine's Day exclusively with my wife adds a special touch to this holiday, serving as a comforting reminder amid the cold Maine winters that love is a constant source of warmth. From my days delivering flowers as a florist to the present, where I immortalize love stories through my lens, the joy and enchantment associated with Valentine's Day continue to be a driving force in my life.

As we navigate a world often clouded by challenges, the opportunity to celebrate love and happiness, whether on Valentine's Day or at a wedding, becomes a precious and uplifting endeavor. Embracing this joyous celebration of love, I remain committed as a photographer to capturing the genuine and heartfelt moments that make each love story unique. Love, after all, is the enduring force that adds richness and beauty to the tapestry of our lives.

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