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Capturing Life's Unforgettable Steps: Celebrate Your Engagement with Timeless Photography

Life is a series of steps, each one marking a significant milestone in our personal story. Getting engaged is a monumental step that deserves to be celebrated, cherished, and, most importantly, captured. As a dedicated Maine engagement photographer, I am here to ensure that this pivotal moment in your life's narrative is not just remembered but immortalized in a collection of breathtaking images. Let's seize this step together and create timeless memories that echo the beauty and authenticity of your unique love story.

A Relaxed Approach to Capturing Your Love

My style is a fusion of upbeat energy and a touch of quirkiness, aiming to make your engagement session not just a photo session but an experience. We'll create an atmosphere where you can be yourselves, allowing genuine moments to unfold naturally.

Embracing Your Natural Vibe

Feeling a bit awkward in front of the camera? No worries—I've got you covered. Whether you need a bit of guidance or prefer spontaneous candids, I'm here to capture your unique connection in the most authentic way possible. Let's make every moment effortlessly beautiful, reflecting the real you.


Adding a Touch of You

Let's infuse your engagement session with elements that define you as a couple. Whether it's incorporating a shared hobby, a favorite pet, or a quirky prop that holds sentimental value, these personalized touches will elevate your photos, making them uniquely yours. Let's turn your engagement session into a visual representation of your love story's charm and individuality.

Maine's Backdrop: A Canvas for Your Love

The picturesque landscapes of Maine provide a captivating backdrop for your engagement session. From the rugged coastline to lush forests, we'll choose a location that resonates with your story. Each setting becomes a stage where your love takes center stage, capturing the essence of your connection against the stunning natural beauty of the state.


"Very professional, very passionate, very personable. Contract was very easy and straightforward. Having to meet for an engagement shoot before the wedding was very unique but after it was all said and done I’m very grateful to have met him in person before our special day."

Danya and Aaron

How It Works: From Consultation to Delivery

Our journey commences with a friendly chat, where we explore your vision and preferences. On the day of your session, expect a laid-back atmosphere, fostering natural interactions for genuine moments. Shortly after, your curated gallery, brimming with high-resolution images encapsulating your love, will be in your hands. Drop me a line, and let's begin capturing your love story.


Inquire Now to Capture Your Genuine Connection

Embark on this visual celebration of your love story with a dedicated Maine engagement photographer. From the rugged coastline to the serene lakeshores, let's create timeless memories that echo the beauty of your connection. Contact me to schedule your consultation and let the enchantment of your engagement unfold through the lens of a Maine engagement photographer committed to capturing the heart of your unique love story.

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