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About Me

I'm awkward without my camera or babies

 I am a wedding photographer with a passion for capturing the genuine chaos and love of wedding days. As a father of two, a veteran, and a former software engineer turned full-time photographer, I bring a unique perspective and a diverse set of skills to every wedding.

With a lifelong love for photography, I specialize in creating warm, candid shots that stay true to color, using a keen eye for perfect lighting. Building connections is at the core of my approach. I take the time to understand each couple's vision, insisting on engagement sessions to build trust and ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience on the big day. I choose to work with couples I vibe with, going beyond being just a photographer to become a trusted presence throughout their wedding journey.


Fun Facts


Rooted in my love for nature, I once cultivated an organic farm, showcasing my deep eco-conscious commitment to preserving the beauty of our planet.


Hyped Up Routine: I kick off my day with Saweetie's beats and a Mt. Dew in hand – the perfect combo to get energized before diving into a day of capturing magical moments behind the lens!


As a former software engineer with an IT degree, I integrate cutting-edge tools into photography for an enhanced experience, embodying technical precision.


My military journey, marked by discipline and dedication, instilled a commitment to service and excellence in all I do. These values shape both my life and approach to photography.


Beyond the lens, I love baking, adding a sweet touch to special moments. Ask me about my pumpkin  cookies! (But don't get me started on canned pumpkin lies!!!)

Tim was absolutely incredible while photographing our wedding

"Tim was absolutely incredible while photographing our wedding! He was extremely helpful with the process of getting ready and even assisted many of my girls with wardrobe malfunctions and suggestions on keeping jewelry straight. He made sure to remind my to straighten out my jewelry throughout the night so everything was perfect!

We had a last minute plan change due to weather and he was so accommodating and made sure my (new) husband and I got all of the pictures we wanted, and even watched the weather for a clearing for us to still get some pictures outside as we originally planned. Tim’s personality meshed extremely well with our crowd as well! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to us Timothy Morris Photography for our wedding day!"

Jenna & Ayden

Why Weddings

Transitioning from a corporate career to becoming a Maine wedding photographer was a profound shift driven by a desire to narrate stories of love amid the scenic beauty that defines this state. Initially, I took the courageous step of leaving my job to be a stay-at-home dad, and it was during this time that wedding photography found me. My experience as a veteran, with its preparation for fast-paced chaos, became a pivotal asset in embracing the dynamic energy of wedding days—an aspect that I adore as a wedding photographer. Entranced by the genuine moments and emotional richness that characterize weddings, I discovered a calling to capture these fleeting instances of love. Today, as a dedicated Maine wedding photographer, I am grateful to have transformed my passion into a career, using my art to weave visual tales that preserve the beauty of love in each frame.

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